Amy Fetzer - imaginative, informative editorial

Below is a small selection of testimonials from some of my regular clients.

"Amy is always our first choice when we need a freelance writer. Her speed and accuracy are fantastic, but it is her creativity that really sets her apart from other writers. She has great ideas and can turn her hand to any project. She's also a pleasure to have in the office and we all look forward to her being in. I can trust her with any piece of work and know that she will give it her all and produce something brilliant. I can't praise her enough!" Bea Appleby, Editor, BBC Worldwide

"Thanks a million for this Amy, and for getting your stuff checked so thoroughly - it helps us out heaps!! Thanks again for all your hard work." Terri Sweeney, Producer, BBC Radio 1 One Life

"We always look forward to Amy's travel features. When things are dull in Camden, she whisks you to the frenzied bustle of a Vietnamese food market, or to the romance and grandeur of Moscow. Always punctual, always cheerful, Amy literally and metaphorically goes the extra mile." Claudia Woodward, Travel Editor, Take a Break

"Amy my love, That’s wonderful, perfect and exactly what I had in mind. Thanks so much for all your sterling work." Nikki Mohan, Editor, Eaglemoss Publications

"Thank you for consistently following the brief and providing dynamic, informative and relevant copy to meet tight deadlines." Eila Reid, Travel & Features Editor, My Weekly

"As a freelancer who works on a huge range of publications for both adults and children, Amy has an innate ability to adapt to and learn new areas of expertise very quickly. Her writing is always erudite and pitch-perfect. She is incredibly quick and efficient (her nickname is Fire-Fingered Fetzer!) and she always shows great initiative." Annabel Gibson, BBC Worldwide

"When it comes to reliable writers, Amy Fetzer is among the best. Her recent features for My Weekly have covered subjects such as carers, dieting, exercise, general health, nutrition and body image, but as with most good writers, she seems to be able to turn her hand to anything and is always full of enthusiasm for a new idea. Working to deadlines is never a problem either, making her an extremely valuable contact to have. Jennifer McEwan, Fashion and Beauty Editor, My Weekly

"Thanks once again for getting these to me so fantastically quickly - you have obviously been working very hard. They're fab - thank you, thank you!" Maxine Stinton, Managing Editor, Eaglemoss Publications

"We thought the feature was great. It was fab how you got so much information into such a small space." Maggie Seed, Health Editor, My Weekly

"The writing that Amy has done for us has been consistently excellent. She pitches things perfectly, which is no mean feat when writing for the famously fussy pre-teen market! She’s been adaptable, delivered on time and is a pleasure to have in the office." Emma Fogden, Project Director, Edenco Ltd